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2 Truths and a Lie

Remember telling 2 truths and 1 lie? Maybe 2 lies and 1 truth? I am just kidding. Who lies, I mean really. Anyway, one of those all time favorite games for starting school and meeting new classmates or other get-togethers for breaking the ice has got to be 2 truths and a lie. It really helps you get to know others that you will be interacting with that you just met; it lets you connect on a deeper level with others that you may know and even have a little laugh (or a big one) in the process. It is a great game to let others in on 'you' and possibly even find common interests with others and you may even be surprised of what is said.

I do have to admit to you at this time, that I have a horribly guilty conscience. I find it pretty difficult to do. I mean I will lie if it is necessary and there is no way to get around it. When this occasion rises, I have serious bug eyes, my heart is beating fast, I kind of ramble and literally feel like I have a huge neon sign saying that I am lying. Crazy, I know....but at least you know I lean towards being honest. Games are supposed to be fun and I did play here and there to be a good sport. 2 truths and a lie is kind of small for a blog post in my opinion, so I will do 10 truths and 1 lie.

11 Things about me:
o Autumn is my favorite season.
o I am a procrastinator.
o I love tattoos. 
o I have blue eyes.
o Shopping is not my favorite thing to do.
o I practice grocery cart rage.
o I was born in the 80's.
o I am extremely shy.
o Lilies are my favorite flower.
o I was raised with southern family roots.
o DQ mocha moolattes are one of my favorite drinks.

Those are a few facts about me...all but one of course. See if you can guess which one is the lie. Did you ever play 2 truths and a lie as an  ice-breaker game? One thing I am really wanting to do is start a board game and other family game collection for family time. We had bought few games to play together and I end up giving in and letting the kids take them their room and the pieces are never to be seen again. The only game that we have is Jenga, which is oh so fun. Family time is so very important and I hope to start a new tradition that will grow with our family like game night. We do have lots of things we do at certain times of the year...for now we do movie/cartoon time on the weekend as a family every single week. Do you do game night? 

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