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A Letter to the Week

Dear Hobby night with Central Foothills Mommies: It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and be social. These ladies have really helped me come out of my shell. 

Dear body: I hope you aren't too comfortable, we are hitting gym and Zumba soon!

Dear Elf on the Shelf: I have my eyes set on getting you at a sit tight and you be creating mischief and Christmas magic in no time. 

Dear Tooth Fairy: You are now the owner of a very special little boys tooth, take great care.

Dear Son: I am so thrilled that you have finally gotten your wish...for the Tooth Fairy to finally get to come to you.

Dear cooking skills: You were so on point this year for Thanksgiving! 

Dear snow flurries: How beautiful you are as you magically float down, but I am so glad you melted. 

Dear holiday shopping craziness: I will not be taking part in your madness either day. 

Dear Thanksgiving staycation: I am so grateful we have been blessed to spend almost 4 days together as a family. 

Dear crafting projects: I promise that I have not abandoned you.

Dear Christmas Music: I do not know if I am ready for you yet. 

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday week. We wish you safe travels and joyous times this holiday season. 

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