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Golden Oreo Gourmet Rice Krispie Balls

Are you ready for the most delicious and mouth watering rice krispie treat ball you have ever tasted? We have that very recipe for you to enjoy and savor. You may want to make extras, because when they are gone, you will wish you had more. 

Golden Oreo Cookie Cream from about 2 rows of cookies
1 bag of Melted White Chocolate Discs
6 cups Rice Krispies
3 Tablespoons softened room temperature butter
5 cups mini marshmallows

We love extra gooey treats, so we put an extra cup of marshmallows in. Your typical recipe calls for 4 cups of marshmallows. My husband says the trick is slow and low for the best treats you have ever tasted. My husband makes the best rice krispie treats ever! He does the melting process and I do the chocolate coating. This was his idea and it was one of his best treat ideas yet. You know when I said ever, I mean 'ever' when you taste these you will just melt. After you get all of your rice krispie treat mix all melted and mix in your rice krispies then stir in your oreo cookie cream and a few smashed cookies, press them flat (with wax paper) on top of a wax lined pan and place them in the fridge.

The best part about this process is that your mix will have cooled just a bit but not too much, so some of the oreo cream will melt and other parts will stay solid...which makes for the most awesome tasting gourmet ball. After they are cooled, you can mold them into little balls. Place in fridge until you are ready to roll in chocolate.

While your treat sheet is cooling, melt your chocolate. If you have a preferred way to melt chocolate, I would do it your way. Honestly, I really have had no luck with the whole melting in the microwave process or the double boiler method on the stove. However, I LOVE the Wilton's chocolate melting pot.

*If your chocolate seems a little thick no matter your melting can add a little oil and mix to smooth it all out and make the dipping easier.

I would love to say I had photos of what they looked like in the inside after a bite was taken, but honestly they were gone quick. The whole family loved them and they were gone in no time. They are super sweet but it kind of hits different levels of sweetness, so be prepared for your taste buds to pop.

We made a chocolate motorcycle bike with the leftover melted chocolate. We repurposed a toy motorcycle package that we washed and dried out for this mold alternative. As always, we hope you enjoyed this ever so fantastic post about chocolate..the best treat ever. 

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