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What Time Change Does

When time change comes, it typically interrupts the normal flow of life around here. I have always wished I could avoid time change, but since that is not possible, it is time to adjust. I am changing all of that this year and will focus on more positive points. Time change was once confusing to me, but then I heard a memorable phrase; "Spring Forward" and "Fall Back." One of the first positive notes that comes to mind is that it will be daylight when we get ready for school and the kids hop on the bus or in the car. I find that the early morning sun really makes for better mental alertness. I do miss all of the daylight from Spring time change and all of that extra time I felt I had because of the daylight hours. In actuality, I often feel rushed during the Spring hours and run out of time quite often.  Fall hours make me feel like I have endless amounts of time, so much time I get bored early on. By time the evening comes, it feels so late and I am exhausted. So, how are you feeling?

I have officially begun this time change with a more positive thought process, which always makes for a better day. My husband on the other hand is still on the fence with changing his thought process. The best way I could think to combat this was to start coming up with some encouraging words. I decided to bring to light that even though he would go to work when it was dark, by time he left the warehouse, it would be daylight. The sun is up as you are fixing to start your day and the sun gives off those good morning vibes. Good thing he is already a morning person. He then decided that he can try to go with that and think about it differently. Thank goodness, because this former Negative Nancy of time change had nothing else to say. His woes are when the sun comes down, after a while his body clock is saying it is time for bed and it makes him tired, but still has his days work to finish. I am sure he will adjust just fine.  We will work it out and I am positive our spirits will continue to be lifted by time change.

I did not want to make this a Halloween followup post, so I will just squeeze a little spot in here. Our poor son has been so sick with a consistent fever since Wednesday. The past week has been rather rough and full of sleepless hours. His fever finally broke Monday morning at around 5am. I am so happy to see him back to his sweet little self. I haven't even minded him being loud and running around, hopping and jumping all day one bit. For the very first time, our family did not get to go trick-or-treating together. I felt so bad that our son did not get to go trick-or-treating, but it was for the best. Little man and I stayed home and cuddled up, while my husband and our daughter went out for a few hours. She developed a horrible chest cough the following day, so we have had not 1 but 2 sick kiddos. :( Disinfecting station around here.

Are you participating in the 30 days of thankfulness? I have had a busy week, but I really want to make a point to stop and really reflect and express my thankfulness about something new daily. We normally practice gratuity and thankfulness, but we are just going to put more emphasis into it.

Day 5: I am thankful that my husband and I were blessed with the ability to give birth and have two beautiful little souls to nurture and guide through life.

What are you thankful for today? Oh, one more thing. We are doing free co-hosting on Mom's Monday Mingle and are scheduling spots now. We are filling up pretty quickly, so if you want in, email me.

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