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When Kids Shove Things in the Wrong Places

Have you ever found something in your kids ear and not know the specifics?  What about them not even knowing what it is!  Really, how is that even possible? Leave it up to my child to accomplish such a deed.

My son starts screaming and jumping up and he had gone mad.
I am like "What!? What is wrong with you?"

He found a q-tip (I have no clue how...unless it was one that fell and rolled under something); he IS a digger! Yep, he shoved it in his ear.  By the way, he can find anything he shouldn't and nothing he needs to.

He cried and whined ALL day. Understandably so, but I hope he remembers not to shove crap in his ears when the moment may present itself again. I will have to make sure q-tips do not fall or are in any way in his reach. With this whole incident playing out for a while he came to sit with me for some comfort. I happened to look down and then found myself doing a double take. My instant thought was that he had some 'serious wax' going on. Nope, it was something else. What was it? I had no clue. I went in search of my tweezers and delicately went to work in my moaning childs ear. I got it out and he went on about his day after he just couldn't seem to remember what he shoved in his ear. I have wondered about how the incident played out, but of course my little man's lips are sealed.

His registration for Kindergarten was later that month. We get to the appointment and get back to the doctor and wait our turn. She comes in and starts his examination and as soon as she got to his ears says pretty instantly "Hmmm," never a good choice of words to hear from a doctor. This was about 2 weeks after I pulled the only piece out I saw.

This filled his entire little ear canal!
This was not all of it either...this was the piece I got out and took a pic to show his dad. Then the doctor syringed a bunch more out of his ear. Eck! About a month later, it came out that the little green rubber this was one of those green slap hands that come from the gumball machine. It happened to come up in a conversation one day and that is what he said it was and that makes sense. I always say you abuse it, you lose it. So, no more slappy green things from the gumball machine...for now. Apparently it runs in the family or maybe all kids put something in a face hole. My moms says I used to shove beans up my nose. Gross, I know. Did you or your siblings shove objects or food into places they shouldn't be? 

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