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Glass Angel Snow Globe & 24 DIY Ornaments

12 days of Christmas, that would be can you just go with 12 things? I couldn't, so take a peak at 25 creative, inexpensive and enjoyable crafts and creations for this holiday season. Make it for you own tree or someone else's tree. Either way, you will be making unique holiday creations that can be treasured forever. 

What a fantastic gift idea! It is never too early to start planning gifts. Handmade gifts are the best in my opinion. Not only are they more cost efficient, but they are made with heart. We made one with gold and white glitter, baby blue and silver glitter and red with gold glitter...for a few staff members at my daughters school 2 years ago. 
  • $1 glass angel ornament 
  • $1 gold wired ribbon
  • Fine glitter
  • Epoxy 
  • Cleaned out dip jar- ours was a spinach dip jar

I have seen lots of snow globe jar how to's using baby oil and I tell you, that just was not the case for us. It was messy and it caused the glitter to stick to the lid and it just was unpleasant. We skipped the baby oil. I glued the angel to the inside of the lid (make sure you angel fits before you glue it) and let is dry and set completely before doing anything else. Glitter is so messy, but we love it and it just is the most awesome decor accessory you can add to any holiday I didn't measure. I poured some and then sprinkled some more until it was the look I wanted it to be. We used Epoxy to secure the lid after we got our desired glitter fall look. 

*The epoxy gave us a few more minutes to secure and make sure there were no leaks.
*The hot glue dries too fast and just didn't work well with the lid nor did the super glue...dried too fast. 

Sometimes it takes a few times of making sure the lid was on all the way. It was a process of elimination with the leaking jars to finally settle with epoxy. We glued one strip of gold wired ribbon around the lid and make our bow and attached it right to the front. 

Here are a few other handmade gifts and holiday creations you may love: 

We made these as our teacher and principal gifts last year.

Here is the story of how we celebrate 12 days of Christmas in our home and a few of the things we do. Get the story. (For some reason the link button is not wanting to work with the photos like normal)

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