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Letter to the Week

This has been one crazy week. For some reason this holiday month is proving to be rather difficult for me. One thing after another. I hurt my arm on Monday and it just seems to be getting worst. It is pretty difficult to get anything done. My right arm is my dominant arm and man is it hard trying to do everything with your left arm that has had the short end of the stick forever. Don't worry it I am not being negative. I love sharing about little random things from my week that I normally wouldn't make a blog post about.

Dear YMCA child watch, I am deeply saddened that our first experience led to my children leaving with an unknown adult and the caregivers didn't even notice they were gone for a still unknown amount of time. Thank goodness the Zumba class was only an hour and my children were in the gym watching a soccer game. Thanks for adding even more stress to my week and even though you apologized and gave us a month free....I just don't trust you anymore with my kids. One time of jeopardized child safety= me saying adios to child watch. We have searched for a gym that had child watch for so this disappoints me. Apparently our case was the one time incident they have ever had. 

Dear Mother Nature, 20's-50's, and then bam 70's for 2 days then back to frigid air. It was nice to have two days for everything to kind of defrost, I hope it doesn't rain today like it has for the last 3 days. Rain, Rain come again another day.

Dear Christmas movies, I look forward to you every year and I really cherish the quality family time you provide. <3 The Grinch! 

Dear Christmas decorations, sorry my busted arm is preventing me from getting you up. With my husband gone for work throughout the week. We shall meet soon.

Dear CW and ABC, I am so addicted to way too many of your shows. Thank goodness in my free time I can catch up on all of the shows I missed during the week. 

Dear 12 day of Christmas, where in the world can I find you in small decorations so we can make a 12 day of Christmas wreath? I have been to countless amount of stores with no success. I haven't even had luck finding pieces of other things to even contribute. I love you so. You are my inner Christmas child.

Dear Frozen, I want to see you so bad. I mean, I want to bring my kids to see you so bad. I would love to have Olaf the little snowman!

Single most funniest yet most relatable things I have came across this week: 
26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand
{My favorite is the blow your anxieties into a balloon and then.....go watch it, you will laugh}
{2nd favorite is the car noise with the little black cat}

I hope you have had a great week and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. How was your week? 

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