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A Mothers Love Letter

I have always said 'momma' and I call my mom 'momma' and I pronounce it mom-ma... I have noticed over the last year of blogging that many spell it mama....for me that is different. I guess it is a regional kind of thing. My kids call me 'momma.' My children mean the world to me. At one time I felt like a part of me was missing. Honestly, I had pronounced that I did not want to have children and wouldn't. How very wrong was I on this..I could not imagine my life without my children. They hold such a place in my heart that just can not be filled by anything else. They were the pieces we needed to complete our family puzzle. They completed my heart and gave me everything I never knew I wanted. I get beside myself sometimes, and I need to be wrangled in. They give me the reality check that I desperately need. 

I can not believe you guys are getting so big. 

Kaylei, you have such a beautiful heart and I am proud to call you mine.

Gerry, you are my little helper and I wouldn't trade you for the world.

You both are so creative and can make anything out of nothing and that is so impressive.

I am so happy you both love to read and picture read.

It makes my heart smile every time I hear you both pray and practice such gratitude.

I love making silly faces with you guys. You keep things light. 

Gerry, you just lost your very first tooth with a 2nd to soon follow.  Boy, how fast you are growing. 

Kaylei, I am so not ready for you to be a young lady. I want you to stay my baby.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and have those baby moments again, even if that means going through the whole birth process again. I wouldn't mind a bit. 

Remember what I always tell you guys- Do what you love and if you love it, that is all that matters. Right now in your life I know your friends mean the world to you, but never forget that it is perfectly fine to be yourself. If they don't like something that you doesn't matter, because you like it and that is all that matters. If they mind, they don't matter and if they matter they won't mind is the best saying to remember. Each and every person in the whole world was made different, so be proud of the special little person you are and run with it. 

Help me remember that things are not as big of a deal as I think. Be the kids you are and do what you do the way you love to do it and I will grow with you. I know I am strict and am kind of OCD sometimes, but in my head I am making the best choices for your little lives. I can always count on both of you to remind me of how small you are and that it is okay not to have everything just so.

Love, Your Momma

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