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Magnificent Choices- Tacky Box Review

Have you ever said or done something that deserved the tacky crown? What about your little(s)? Mine have. Social skills are so important for kids to experience. Throughout the day my kids are hanging around friends and even riding the bus where there are older kids using tacky words. They then repeat what they hear later on.  Luckily, a creative mom out there came up with a solution for our parenting endeavours. A tool to help your child and your family make better choices. When our Tacky Box came to the front door, the kids instantly wanted to start creating art and hearing a brand new story. It is so thrilling to be a part of this wonderful Campaign for Kindness and I instantly had high hopes. Not to mention that beautifully engraved wooden box complete with a latch that partners so perfectly with the story. Your kids can be like the character in the book, because they too have a Tacky Box. The book is of excellent quality and the vividly drawn pictures on each page just pulls you in even more. 

As you know, my son started Kindergarten this year. He has come home with some colorful and not so nice words already and we are just getting to the half point in the school year. My daughter is in 3rd grade and she sometimes says words or statements that are kind of tacky as well. I love the fact that there is a girl book and a boy book. Having two littles and one kit caused another issue having to do with sharing. They feel they are entitled to having the same as the other, or they feel left out; which leads to fighting. I certainly did not want any fighting or hurt feelings for an activity meant to boost kindness. I split it right down the middle for them. Kaylei got one side and Gerry got the other side to art up. They were both happy and very excited to doodle all over their side. They were on tacky word and behavior patrol instantly! Decorating the box is what really set the ball rolling. One of their favorite things about the Tacky Box, is that they can put others in it as well. It makes them feel like they have so many choices, and that just makes them beam with excitement. Before we put anything in the Tacky Box, we discuss whether it is a tacky word or behavior and why it is tacky. It provides a conscience choice between good and not so good choices.

Tacky behavior: Son coughed in my husbands face on purpose instead of turning head or covering. Poor manners is tacky behavior in our home. *It gave us a nice way to discuss a behavior that is tacky and how we can fix it next time.

Our first word that made it into the Tacky Box: Sh*t

Yes, I kind of got put in the Tacky Box first. I happened to make a statement about the tons of children toys, clothes, backpacks and other belongings just scattered about in the living room and kitchen. (We are in the middle of our first big move and the living room is stacked with boxes and totes right now.) I had asked them a few times to pick it up and may have referred to the belongings as sh*t. Bad me! Well, my daughter repeated exactly what I said in her response, "We did pick up our sh*t, mom."

Not my finest moment. I am only a human and this was a great learning moment for me. How can I discipline her on something she just heard me say? I couldn't. My tacky word had gotten me arrested by the tacky word patrol. Not only did I go in the tacky box, but I decided it was a partner deal. Kaylei knew better than to say it, so she wrote the word on the tacky pad. She made the wrong choice and it showed her to decide on the right choice and not to repeat tacky things you hear. I am putting an extra effort forward to reduce and eliminate my potty mouth with Tacky Box's help.

We are officially on the Campaign for Kindness. You can get your very own Tacky Box and join the campaign.  Our lovely decorated Tacky Box has a permanent spot on kitchen table as a reminder to make the right choice. Read more Tacky Box reviews HERE.

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