It's a Halloween Movie Marathon

Each year we watch the tons of movies that come on just for the season. I love that they show all of the movies during this time even the old ones. Some you can not find, but you can always buy it at a nice price on ebay or even at a pawn shop. We wanted to share with you our favorites and the even the throwback ones. We watch a few of these movies throughout the year but some are specifically just for this time.

Ones I watch with the kids:

One of my absolute favorite movies as a child. Okay I still like it.




Plus any other Halloween show that the t.v. is playing.

The One Day list for the kids:

This is the list of other movies....its there but we don't really watch it.  My brother used to watch this movie over and over when we were younger.
We used to watch Beetlejuice when I was kid, but it is inappropriate for my kids to see yet.  They have watched some parts, but thats it.


Adult list:


Van Helsing and Underworld are among my favorites!








My husband also likes to watch the zombie movies, Scream movies and the funny Scary movie ones too, but I don't care for them.

Here are a few that I like and would watch by myself if I had to:


Movies I just don't watch, but are good Halloween movies:

Here are few of the movies I watched as a kid that I have see but don't really watch now but are worth mentioning:




And lastly I loved these as a kid:


 So what are some movies your family like to watch during the Halloween month?


Sara said...

AWESOME POST! I am obsessed with movies, and I'm proud to say I've seen almost all of the ones in all of your lists. :-) I will be watching most of those throughout the remainder of the month.

Do you like the "Halloween" movies? I have all of those and will be watching them as well.

menopausal mama said...

There is one more REALLY good video for kids that came out about 13 years ago (animated) called" The Halloween Tree"--one of the BEST for learning about the origins of Halloween and my kids LOVED it when they were young. Check it out!

Amy Perdew said...

I like some Halloween movies, I am not that big into scary stuff. The above with the exception of the ones mentioned that I have seen but don't really watch. I do love the other ones though. Its like you have your own movie store...super neat.

Amy Perdew said...

I will have to check that one out, thanks. They enjoy all the shows on cable that come on during Halloween and I can't even try to think of them all.

susan robinson said...

thank you so much for the nomination!!! I'm not sure how it works but I'm excited about it! ;)


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