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DIY Halloween Noodle Wreath

What do you do with all of the pool noodles that still seem to be getting in the way even though the warmer weather has gone? We decided to make a wreath with them. You can of course buy the green, itchy and way too messy floral foam for a buck at the Dollar Tree or maybe even the paper type wreath..but they are small. I wanted ours to be a certain size, so we customized our wreath for our door with a pool noodle. I mean why not. Think about can poke stuff through foam and it stays and it is bendable enough to make a circle. Repurpose those old pool noodles, save a buck and use what you have.
Spray paint your noodle.

Wrap your noodle with wire ribbon- I picked up my black, sheer, glittered wire ribbon at the $1 tree.
It took 4 spools @ 9ft each ribbon to cover my noodle.
If you stress your noodle a little it will get a cool sliced look to it like it was scratched by a monster.
Wrap a spool of sheer, spidered wire ribbon around your noodle.
It took 1 spool @ 9ft in length to wrap.
I picked up a bouquet of black roses with spiders in it and cut off the bottom and arranged it onto the wreath.  I tied a bow with black and orange ribbon then tied the center with a purple ribbon.

How neat of a idea this was!  This was a very inexpensive craft and served a great purpose. Getting the pool noodle up, saving money and getting a wreath out of the situation. I hope this craft inspired you to save a buck and choose to be thrifty. Have a great holiday season and happy crafting.

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