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Quick Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost a week away, what am I going to do? Not everyone celebrates Halloween, but everyone should get to celebrate when they want to. Not everyone has an opportunity to go to the store and just buy whatever costume they want or have the money to make some extravagant DIY costume. I don't like spending all that money on costumes from the store, so I try my best each year to make them into something cool. I wanted to share with you a few options for Halloween that you already have at home or will cost little to nothing! We never got store bought Halloween costumes when I was younger. Luckily, I had a creative mom.

1.  Gypsy
 Long skirt, cloth tied around the side, 1 hoop earring on one side and a bunch of bangle bracelets.
2.  Hobo
Any clothes that you grab that are dark in color would work.  Get some black or brown make up and spread about on clothes and face.  You could take some kind of black tooth stuff and black a tooth or more out.  Ripped, holey, scuffed up or anything like that would work.
3. Baby
You can make a diaper out of a pillow case for a child. Pins and baby accessories can be found for a dollar if you don't have any on hand.  Binky, bib,  attach a bottle and grab a stuffed animal and go.
4. Pumpkin
Orange tights, orange shirt stuffed with pillows and cut out a design from felt or material and attach to the front of the shirt.  Green ribbon or headband that looks like the top of the pumpkin.
5. Zombie
Any clothes that are worn out, torn, dirty looking, splash some face blood and mess up your hair. If you good with makeup a little cheap make up kit or make up you already have would work if you know how to do that.
6. Flower
Grab a poster board and draw a flower design, then decorate it with some felt.  Wear all green or a long sleeved green top with brown bottoms for dirt.  Paint face to be yellow if you want.
7. Butterfly Or Fairy
Wear all of one color like black or whatever butterfly you want.  You can grab a pair of wings from the store or you can try your hand at making wings from stretching out a clothes hanger and pulling stocking over it.  You can then paint designs or throw some glitter on them for more effect.  Pipe cleaners and pom poms on a head band will make some antennas.
8. Witch- Regular or Sparkly
A cape can be made from material and ribbon.  Black tights and a little dress. You may have luck searching at the thrift store for old dresses or costumes.  You can get a hat for a dollar at the dollar tree.
9. Diva
Fake pearls, fake diamonds, big hat, scarf or boa, sparkly anything, bracelets, fake rings, makeup.
10. 50's Guy
white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, blue jeans with cuffed up bottoms, slicked out hair, shiny shoes.
11. Ninja
Jump suit with a hoodie of the color ninja you want; black would probably work best.  Cut a strip of material and attach to hoodie for the covered mouth and nose area.  You can probably grab a sword or something from the dollar tree if you don't have one.  You could make nun chucks with tape and sticks.  Tape up the sticks and join together by folding the tape in half in the middle and then wrap tape to attach.
12. Banshee
White sheet with a head hole cut out, black wig or spray painted crazy hair. White and black face paint.
13. Super Hero
Piece of cloth or pillow case cut open long ways that is painted and a string to tie with. Cut out a shape of the letter of the name of your super hero and attach.  Grab a tshirt and some pants that are not jeans unless it goes with your super hero theme.
14. Mummy
Wrap yourself with a old sheet that has been cut, or grab some white streamer from the store and wrap yourself up.
15. Turtle
Green and black clothes, then stuff a pillow into a shirt for the turtle shell and make turtle shell designs on the back.
16. Puppy
White, Brown, or Black clothes. Paint Polka dots or patches all over or just over one eye.  Ears could be made by cutting out felt(.59 a square at walmart) and attaching with thread or glue to a head band or knitted hat.  Girls could wear all pink and be a girly dog with ribbons, a tutu or skirt, stockings...etc.
17. Kitty
Same as above but with kitty ears instead.
18. Angel
White clothes, sparkly dress, tights, anything for the outfit really as long as it is all white.  You can make a halo from crafting wire, pipe cleaner and a straw, or a clothes hanger. Twist and shape them how you want them and paint them if necessary.  Attach to a headband.  Wings can be purchased and spray painted white with hair glitter or you can shape some with crafting wire or clothes hangers, hot glue, stockings and string.
19. Dead Track Star
Jump suit all dirtied up, fake blood or graphic tattoos, headband, messy hair.
20. A Fish
A jumpsuit...sweat pants and a hooded shirt of the same color.  Just pick the color fish you want.  Paint face the same color and draw a few designs above the lip or maybe fake eyes on eyelids and your fish is complete. I like the little Lorax fish, so that is where the idea came from.
21.  Toy Box Monster
Hot glue a bunch of toys onto an outfit and that's that.  You could paint the face and make crazy hair for more of a monster look.
22. Vampire
Paint face white, have some blue/green eye shadow for around the eyes for a more dead look. Black, blood, fake teeth. Cape can be made of a painted, cut open pillow case and tied with string.  Clothes should be dark in color.
23. Sleep Over Victim
Wear some night clothes, put hair up with some pig tails, braids or pony tail, a robe, slippers or something along those lines.  You could pull stockings or socks over some tennis shoes or sandals. If you want to go with the sleep over attacked by a mad man or something then of course: messy hair, blood, messed up or dirty clothes.
24. Grandma
Night gown stuffed with pillows or stuffing, stockings or socks with one falling down, curlers all rolled up still, spray painted gray hair.  Pair of glasses around the neck on a glasses rope or chain if possible ($1 store).
25. Ghost
Sheet with holes cut out to see.
26. Bat
Black clothes for boys and girls could have a skirt and stockings.  Take some material that is cut in the shape of wings and attach to the sleeves and to the sides of the shirt for the flapping effect.
27. Singer
Clothes of your choice that are rocker worthy and grab a microphone from the store for a buck.  Glitter, grab some different color hair spray or just use hair spray to make big hair.
28. Frankenstein
Slacks, shirt, and get painted up green and black. They have cheap bolt tattoos you can pick up.
29. Bride of Frankenstein
Spray paint hair black with one strip of white and style up big.  Grab a long white dress and tie a rope around the waist.
Well, that is all that comes to mind right now.  Of course, these some of these require little to a bit more craftastic skills.  It also depends on your budget, what you already have at home or the thrift stores near by.  I hope this helped you out some if you are in need of an idea at the last minute. 
What kind of things have you been or your children in a pinch?

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