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Repurposed Pumpkin Lantern Jars

Repurpose your glass jars into something to celebrate Halloween with. We wanted to have some cute little pumpkin lanterns, but I didn't really have the resources to create something extravagant. I love making something out of what I already have at home, so I went with something simple and cheap as possible. the kids decided what kind of faces they wanted on them and my daughter and I tried to draw some faces on them with a permanent marker and that was that. They could have came out better, but this way it was something we did together and loved in the end anyway.

Orange tissue Paper
Orange Paint
Green Paint
Rubber Band
Battery Operated Tea Light
Marker or other face options
Optional: Candle Stick Holder and epoxy

Throw in a battery operated tea light, and you're good to go.

 If you want them to be candy jars, well just epoxy them to a $1 candle stick holder.

To finish up this repurposed creation, paint your jar orange and take the tissue paper and wrap around it and then secure with the rubber band at the top.  Cut off excess tissue on around lid area.  The paint is like glue and will make the tissue paper stick.  Let dry before you try to do a face. Put your battery tealight in and you have a lantern; glue a candlestick holder underneath and you have a candy jar. 

Have fun getting messy and being creative! 

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