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Make your own Halloween Tree Bags

Do you want to buy or create your own unique festive little creations? We love making our own decorations for Halloween. We made the cutest tree bags last year for Halloween instead of buying them from the store. I got the idea when looking through the Halloween stuff from the prior year and finding sheets of face stickers we got at a pumpkin patch. It seems like is is getting harder to find say the themed leaf bags and treat bags that are generic. We grabbed some inexpensive treat bags and our sheet of stickers and went to work crafting and creating.

Grab you a pack of orange and black snack bags.

Grab some string tie through the top, stuff in some newspaper and add pumpkin face stickers.

DIY Tree Decorations

My decorated Camillia Tree

This is what they look like a year later- still going strong.
They just needed to be squished around a bit to make them roundish again.

Since we are talking about trees, I just have to share that my Camellia tree is blooming nicely. I love this tree and they are so beautiful. It has vibrant green leaves all year long and they bloom when Autumn comes and even stay for the snow.

1st flowers:

What kind of crafts are you making this year?

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