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Apple Cider Shots with Tequila

Autumn has some of the best beverages and aside from hot chocolate, I would say that it is definitely apple cider. Not everyone loves it and I have not always been a big fan of it either, but I have come to like certain kinds. I love the kind that is all cloudy with lots of settle spices at the bottom...most of the time we grab some at a local venue like the Farmers Market or other produce store. One thing about living in the Carolina Foothills is that we aren't far from the mountains and all of the beautiful colors and tasty cider.

Spiced Apple Cider Tequila shots

We grabbed some cider while on an out of town trip and it was among the best cider we have tasted.
Now enjoy your tasty Fall Apple Cider Shots and share some with your friends. Do you have a spot to grab some fresh hot apple cider? Do you make your own?

Grab a cute glass, add some Tequila and you are good to go! I wouldn't say a specific amount, because everyones taste for liquor is different. I for one have super sensitive taste buds for liquor and I like the lesser of a shot in a mixed drink. I am more of a shot glass mixed drinks for me. That is why I like these Spiced Apple Cider shots so much because I altered it to how I liked it and I added a bit more liquor for my fit his taste.
 Just because it says alcohol free doesn't mean it is a bad thing to add some...
               I hope you enjoy

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