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DIY Spooky Fun & Crafts for the Kids

Have you been searching for something fun, easy and budget friendly to do with the kiddos for Halloween? Have you scoured Pinterest and came out with having more ideas than plans? I love Pinterest for inspiration, but they do not always have what I am looking for which inspires me to create our own inspirational creations. My kids never get tired of playing games and having fun. Arts, crafts, games and other activities are at their peak at our home during the holidays. Hopefully, these fun crafts will give you something new to do. Feel free to pin to Pinterest and share with your friends. If you make some, by all means leave the link so I can check it out.  

This is a few things we have been up to lately: Polka Dot Bowling pins with a pumpkin as the bowling pin.
Wash your empty soda bottles out and fill to a easily tipable level.

There are so many creations you can come up with paper plates, styrofoam plates and even the recycled plates. Depending on what your crafting needs are...that is they kind of plate you want.  We wanted sturdy plates that would last, so for the activity plates below, we went with styrofoam.

Spooky Halloween streamer/hanging plates

Grab a empty toilet paper roll and some string.
 Cut 4 slits in each side.
Tie a knot on each end of the string and pull through the slits for legs.

Paper Towel tube cut in half.
 Paint your roll and the string black.
Let dry.
Cut a circle out of black construction paper.
Glue around the toilet paper ends and attach around the top.
Cut some eyes out or attach googly eyes.
I cut mine out of last years door cover.
Draw a little smile on and you can hang them from whatever you like.
Attach a string to the back end. You are all done!


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