Portable North Pole- Free Personalized Santa Video

I know it is not quite December yet, but I had to share this.  Have you ever done one of these with your child(ren)?  We did this last year and our whole family loved it.  We went with the naughty option first and waited until it got closer to Christmas before filling it out again for a nice video.  Our kids are still young so they of course were initially shocked that Santa was talking to them and was ecstatic.  Kaylei at the time was 6 and when she heard that she was on the naughty list she actually was super upset.  However, her behavior improved a great bit to make sure she was on the nice list so Santa would come.   Last year a little boy and girl elf was jumping around and dancing all happy and they pull the lever and wait to see whether the nice or naughty light comes on and then it goes to Santa talking.   I will be making Kaylei and Gerrys this week.   The best thing is it is free.  If you want more perks you of course have the option to pay.

If it is too small just click it to enlarge.

You just go through the whole process and it will be delivered right to your inbox. Your kids will love this to pieces and it may even help the ones that are on that line of believing and not. I look forward to doing this each year for our children and it has become a tradition to do.

What is your favorite tradition?


Patricia Needham said...

That is too cute. No I never did this but wish I had.

Raising Reagan said...

We do something very similary using another website. I'll have to check this one out and see how it compares.


Amy said...

Awwwww how sweet of you to post this for those who havent seen them yet! i have done these two years with W and he loves em! :)
this year im not pushing the Santa talk too much .... more the "Santa brings good cheer and christmas spirit to all those around the world" :)
Hows the end of november going for you?

Leslie Block said...

That is a cute site, love it, going to make one for Sarah and Lauren

Amy Perdew said...

They have an adult section coming soon, so see you can always have some fun yourself.

Amy Perdew said...

What is the website ya'll use? I am always excited to try anything new for the holidays.

Amy Perdew said...

They are great, aren't they. The kids are all excited and love the holiday cheer and this just adds to it. The end of November is going to quickly for me. I have not felt to well the last few days and we have had a full plate of to dos around here so I have been mia for a few days. Thanks for stopping by Amy!

Amy Perdew said...

I am sure they will love it!


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