What's Your 5 Wishes For The New Year?

I love Lanayas over at Raising Reagan little spurt of creative tagging posts lately..they are great! Check her out...oh and she has a fabulous toy store with the kinds of good quality toys you didn't even know you were looking for.   I love being tagged in fun little things like this, it makes my day.  Of course, I am not all planned out like she is and I am literally creating posts in the same week, the day before or the same day.  Crazy I know....I really need to get better.

5 wishes for the New Year?  Hmmm, that is pretty difficult to narrow down not because I am ungrateful but because there are lots of things I could improve on. 

1.  Follow through/Time Management: I want to follow through all the way with EVERY single thing I set up to do and have actually planned out to do.  I promise I have made lists, sticky notes, appointments with alarms, grids, reminders, strings, signs and if you look at a few notebooks you will see so many planned out things and such organized thoughts and yet I only do the top things and push the other things to the side. 

2.  Money Management:   Save money to be able to get the things we can only by saving money.  Prioritize the purchases that are made.

 This happens at the craft store and Dollar Tree:

3.  Motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle:  I lost 30 pounds last year and gained it all right back.  I can be fit or eat healthy but the 2 together just doesn't mesh easy for me.  I need a simple and rotating plan that prevents me from getting bored.   I love good food and making delicious food.  My husband has provided me with everything I have ever asked him for to help with weight loss.  I hope for someone to come into my routine and be a dependable accountability partner.  I have had a few people but they just were not dependable. I know if someone else is doing it with me I will do it because I refuse to let others down that depend on me.

4.  Improve on my anxiety, patience, anger management, confidence and empathy.

5.  Imagination: I know this sounds silly but I wish for an active imagination.  It makes it hard for me to have fun with all the little pretend games with my family when I lack imagination.  If you only knew the fun they have.
-I found the tutu image on interest and it reminded me of something my husband would do. :D

Now some fun for 5 more bloggers to spread the cheer:
Victoria @ Through *for* By
I hope you guys share the cheer and tell us all what 5 wishes are on your list for the New Year.  Don't forget to tag 5 more bloggers.
Happy Holidays,


Kera said...

I agree with you on mostly all of these! Especially the time management. I really want to be able to spend more time with my daughter and less time on the computer. This means less of all the blog "fluff" like hops, giveaways, sponsorships, etc. and more of just writing out posts.

Good luck with your wishes and glad we can help support each other! xo

Jamie said...

I totally write things down in my planner that I already did just so I feel productive. Whatever works. New follower.

la petite lulu said...

I hear you on a lot of these! Motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle esp. I feel like as soon as I'm doing well and reaching goals, I get lazy and put it all back on again *sigh*. Thanks for the tag!

Kimmyyy83 said...

You are awesome! I can totally relate to #1 and the pic captures me perfectly! Thanks for inviting me to play :-)

Megan said...

You're right...we do have many in common! I hate how hard it is to lose weight and how easy it is to gain it back-no fair! I'm hoping that because I'm going to blog about each of my new year's goals in January that I will actually stick to them. Good luck with yours!

his little lady said...

Oh gosh, it's like you read my mind!! Definitely have to work on my follow through and time management. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also on the list. And improving my anxiety and patience to be the happiest I can be is always a plus! ;)
xo TJ

Ashley said...

I agree on 3 & 4 so much.

Raising Reagan said...

Love it ~ Thank you for the shout out! So sweet.
Good luck with your wishes! I hope you get them all.

The tutu picture...needs an explanation ~ totally a post in the making right there!


Camille said...

I can totally relate. On the last one, don't feel bad. My daughter tells me she doesn't want to play with me because I'm boring and she wants Daddy to come home from work because he's fun, lol.

Lucille Greyson said...

I can relate to the money management and motivation to maintain healthy lifestyle. coz that's where I fail most of the year. LOL Happy new year to all.

funny new year wishes


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