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The Easiest Salt Dough Recipe EVER!

The best keepsakes are the ones that you can keep forever. I am loving the salt dough making. Normally, I just do not have luck with these kinds of things, but this one worked out great.

Roll out to 1/2 inch and bake at 200 degree for up to 2 hours ~ more or less depending on the thickness.  You can poke a hole before you bake it in order to string it up.  Another option is poke your hole and let air dry for 2 days and then you can string it up. After it dried it was nice creamy color with a little sparkle from the salt. They do turn out a bit heavy, but it depends on how thick you roll them. The ornaments turned out light enough to hang on the tree. The handprints were pretty heavy and wouldn't go to well on the tree. Keep them forever or send to a loved one. We sent ours to my mom that lives in MS for a gift along with all of the little ornaments. You can paint them too!

We plan on painting ours and using hot glue to attach a jute cord and ribbons to them for ornaments.
I made this batch which came out perfect the 1st time.  I used Mortons Fine Sea Salt. I made 2 more batches for our Central Foothills Mommies Holidaze Party and the 1st batch came out great the 2nd batch not so much. I am not too sure why except for me using a different salt....which was- Antica Salina Fine Sea Salt. If I would have had more flour on hand, I could have fixed the dough. 

*I figured I would share the good and the bad so you know what to expect.  Now I didn't have any more ingredients on hand but you could mix a little more salt and flour to make the consistency firm and less sticky.
I hope you have just as much fun making these as we did!  If you post about it or make it let me know how it turned out for you.

Happy Holidays!

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