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Me, Myself & I #6

I am so excited to be co-hosting with such a wonderfully talented group of bloggers this week.  I am grateful for having a the opportunity to Co-Host...thanks guys!
My Beautiful, Crazy Life

Questions of the Month
1) What was your favorite gift given to you as a child?

A- I was so happy to get a portable boombox with a cassette tape spot so I could record songs from the radio and re-record over them all I wanted. I listened to it constantly. : } Gheez...cassette tapes haha.
2) Christmas is almost here, what is that
one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat?
A- Hands down it would be Carol of the Bells by Trans Siberian Orchestra. <3 them. 
3) What are a few of the items on your Christmas list this year?

A- I am not a big wanter at Christmas time because I have all year right. However, I have a want list. : )  I want one of those Infiniti pro styler hair tool with the rolling barrel that is supposed to make your hair oh so shiny and fabulously styled all the time.  I would like a new that does everything I need it to. I am still looking for that though.

* I want to be surrounded by family and have a happy holiday with people that love our little family. To make lots of food and lots of good spirits. One for the some day list. (my family lives in MS)
4) Do you and your family have any special holiday traditions? Explain.
We do quite a bit of things together for the holidays.
-I make my moms chocolate mint cookies every year.
-We make snack bags with cookies, truffles and other sweet treats made for our neighbors, mailman, garbage truck workers etc..
-Girl and Boy toy for Girls and Boys Club(Salvation Army)
-Every time we go to the store the kids each get their own $1 to put in the Salvation Army bucket and they love it.
-The kids have to go through all of their toys and reduce the stash greatly in order for Santa to come.
-We do the Portable North Pole Santa videos for the kids.
-We do hot cocoa and Christmas cartoons often.
-New PJs for Christmas Eve for the kids.
-The kids laying under the Christmas tree looking up into it.
-Making holiday ornaments and crafts jamming to Christmas music
-Go crusin' to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.
-Instead of all candy, we do little debbie cakes and a few little chocolates for them.
-We do a non traditional style Christmas meal

5) Which do you prefer: wrapping paper or gift bags? Why?
I like gift bags and wrapping paper. I use wrapping paper more unless the gift is an awkward shape. Wrapping paper is just so pretty with bows and other personalization options.

That is a look into a bit of our holiday.  What about you? What's your answer?  Can't wait to read it.

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