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What's Your 5 Wishes For The New Year?

I love Lanayas over at Raising Reagan little spurt of creative tagging posts lately..they are great! Check her out...oh and she has a fabulous toy store with the kinds of good quality toys you didn't even know you were looking for.   I love being tagged in fun little things like this, it makes my day.  Of course, I am not all planned out like she is and I am literally creating posts in the same week, the day before or the same day.  Crazy I know....I really need to get better.

5 wishes for the New Year?  Hmmm, that is pretty difficult to narrow down not because I am ungrateful but because there are lots of things I could improve on. 

1.  Follow through/Time Management: I want to follow through all the way with EVERY single thing I set up to do and have actually planned out to do.  I promise I have made lists, sticky notes, appointments with alarms, grids, reminders, strings, signs and if you look at a few notebooks you will see so many planned out things and such organized thoughts and yet I only do the top things and push the other things to the side. 

2.  Money Management:   Save money to be able to get the things we can only by saving money.  Prioritize the purchases that are made.

 This happens at the craft store and Dollar Tree:

3.  Motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle:  I lost 30 pounds last year and gained it all right back.  I can be fit or eat healthy but the 2 together just doesn't mesh easy for me.  I need a simple and rotating plan that prevents me from getting bored.   I love good food and making delicious food.  My husband has provided me with everything I have ever asked him for to help with weight loss.  I hope for someone to come into my routine and be a dependable accountability partner.  I have had a few people but they just were not dependable. I know if someone else is doing it with me I will do it because I refuse to let others down that depend on me.

4.  Improve on my anxiety, patience, anger management, confidence and empathy.

5.  Imagination: I know this sounds silly but I wish for an active imagination.  It makes it hard for me to have fun with all the little pretend games with my family when I lack imagination.  If you only knew the fun they have.
-I found the tutu image on interest and it reminded me of something my husband would do. :D

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I hope you guys share the cheer and tell us all what 5 wishes are on your list for the New Year.  Don't forget to tag 5 more bloggers.
Happy Holidays,

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