Hopping On The Time Management Train

I have such an issue with my time management skills.  I picked up a few books to learn new ways to manage my time.

My first step is ANALYZE

Write down your top 3 procrastinating tasks.
 I procrastinate with setting workable time scheduling.  So this is a general problem that connects all my procrastinating tasks.
Here is mine:
1. Exercising
2. Going through things like paperwork and a bunch of  "little" things.
3. Deep cleaning the house.
*Analyze the time it takes for my normal tasks to be completed for a week and go up to a month.
Tri-chart set up:
{Task}{Estimated Time}{Actual Time}
*Take a look at it over a period of time look & see whether times vary dramatically or not & why.
So this is what I will be doing for the next month to see where I am at.  It is super easy to say it will take 15 minutes and the actual time is like an hour or something like that.  Setting your self up for failure.
168 hours in a week......

Yeah, I didn't already know that btw.  I never really thought of the time in a week, but then again I have poor time management skills so it wasn't on my radar.  I guess being at home and not having to go to a job has made it so easy to stay in the doing whatever~whenever type schedule.  Every time I have tried to make schedules, I have failed over and over again.  I make lists, but I hardly follow through with a To Do list in its entirety.  Sometimes I look back at the productivity of my previous day and wonder where in the world did the time go.

A few other things that was listed to do was set up lists with all of my to dos.  I have made a rough draft of a deep cleaning list per room.  I have started on a master shopping list that I plan to print and laminate and use my expo markers with.  When something runs out just put a mark by it.  I hope it is as easy as it sounds.  When I get the charts set up with those I will share.

Break projects down to lists to avoid being caught in my own time trap.  Denial doesn't change reality is a recent saying I have ran across and it made sense with the whole managing time thing.  Anyhoo, fingers crossed.  How do you manage your time?  Do you have it down or do you suck at it like me.


Raising Reagan said...

Doesn't it feel good to do a deep clean? Agh...makes me sigh out loud!
I am so excited to follow along with you and your journey!

Did your blog design change from yesterday? It looks amazing! LOVE the header :)


Amy Perdew said...

Yes ma'am it sure did. This is the beautiful design from Jessica. Thanks Lanaya. I am headed out the door to Barnes and Noble with the kids, but I plan on doing a post about your wonderful giveaway and her design site late tonight.

Ashley said...

I'm so terrible about time management. I get distracted and then I rush around trying to accomplish goals and UGH it makes me crazy and bitter!

Marcie said...

Im following you via GFC. Love to have you visit and follow back!
Marcie @ www.IGottaTryThat.com

Stephen said...

The best thing I ever learned about time management is "you can stand anythign for five minutes". Whatever it is that you don't want to do / are afraid to do / whatever, tough it out for just 5 minutes then stop. So often that's all it takes to get the wheels moving!

Camille said...

I need to do this too, I'm horrible with time management!

Meredith said...

Your blog looks beautiful and thanks for co-hosting today! Love the link-up!


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