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Tooth Fairy

Everyone is starting to feel better around the house and I FINALLY got a chance to get my posts back up.  New Year ~ New plan!  I have never missed so many days of not posting.  Kaylei has been on Christmas break so we have been pretty busy around here. I hope everyone had a great New Years.   I packed up all the Christmas stuff yesterday.  I know some people think it is bad luck to put it all up before the New Year, but I got to thinking why go into the New Year with last years stuff.  A tradition growing up was to have black eyes on the first day of the new year and put a dime under our plate for good luck for the upcoming year & I carried it over into my family.  Do you do any kind of traditional things?

Kaylei lost a tooth the other day & was so excited.   She couldn't find her tooth fairy pocket bag my mom made for her on her birthday.  My little crafting diva instantly got to work creating something for her special tooth.

She cut up a bunch of squares & taped them all up. It took her quite a while because everything was individual.  I was pretty impressed with her creation.  Something to put in her memory book.

She wrote a little note for the Tooth Fairy to find.  It made me smile so much when I saw her creation.   I just love that she accidentally spells her words wrong still, it lets me know she is still my little girl.  One day she will be a little miss know it all & she won't write these cute little notes.

She wanted to make sure the Tooth Fairy found her tooth.  She recently got her very own bunk bed....well it is a bunk system with a desk & book shelf on the bottom.  Pretty impossible to get up there & search for a butt would have never found it; woke her up; fallen or had a disappointed little girl in the morning.  So I am glad she made the little box...she even put tape on the bottom to make sure it didn't fall off in the middle of the night.

How do you Tooth Fairy?

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