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Monogramming & Faux Mercury

Great ideas for the special occasions of the year or a early start on next years Christmas decor.

I saw this copy cat version of a Glitter Monogram PB ornament on and I really liked it but as you know I love to make anything my own if I can. 

The lettering was Cambria @ 200. 

The back was an off white card stock.  Take an X-acto knife to the corners of the glasses to get your shapes.

Mod Podge your circle onto the card stock.

Mod Podge over your letter to have make sure no sides are popping up.

Trim around your circle with design scissors
Crystal Glitter Puffy Paint with Silver Fine Glitter

Mini Bell
Hole Puncher

* After the monogrammed letter is dry, trace around your circle with puff paint & sprinkle on your glitter. Turn upside down and tap off excess glitter.

* Take your finger and dab on the puff paint around the bell & dip your finger in the glitter and apply to the bell. I did it this way to avoid a non jingling bell.  -Don't get glitter in the bell or it won't jingle.

*After everything is dry punch your hole and string your bell onto the jute & pull it to the back of the circle so the jute doesn't show on the front of the ornament.

I am happy with the way this Glittered Monogrammed Ornament came out but it would have just been so perfect if I would have replaced the lettering with a foam circle for more stability & attach it to the top after the glitter circle has dried- with the addition of red font.

Any gift could have a monogrammed lettering tag.  So create away & make some beautifully decorated gifts.

 Some Faux Mercury Fun!

Pottery Barn Faux Mercury Bell inspired Bells

PB Mercury Ornament

Mine turned out a bit differently.  I practiced & practiced with different glass things & it is much harder than it sounds.  Very messy & lot of paint buzzes & headaches before its over.

When your Looking Glass mirror paint is sprayed in the bell it instantly runs.  I started turning in circles & grabbed the hair dryer to dry the inside faster.  When it is sprayed it is dark but as it dries you can instantly see the mirror effect.  I tried to lightly spray the inside of the bell, but it had to be through the hole in order for the outside not to be sprayed with paint.

I sprayed my 50/50 water vinegar solution in after a few sprays and lightly rubbed the inside with a q-tip which removed a few pieces of paint.  However, it did not turn out the way it should have.  I dropped in some metallic gold acrylic paint/Pearl acrylic for more effect.  Silver lettering coated with puff paint to attach it to the bell.
Attach a bell to the inside of the bells cap. String with jute and its all done.

Stay tuned for the future post on other projects I created while on my Faux Mercury inspirations!

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