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 St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Craft
Ever since Christmas has been over, Colin has been asking about that “green holiday when the funny little men come to our house for practical jokes again”.  So we went online in order to find leprechaun trap ideas. Of all the ones made out of cardboard or wood he found the edible version the coolest:

And I’ll admit, it does look fancy – but I’m not there with my food coloring and frosting piping skills just yet!

So for the time being we agreed to make some leprechaun crafts using toilet paper rolls. We followed the instructions from this family fun video

Except we learned not to paint the whole paper roll green but to spare space for the face and hands.
We also had trouble gluing the hair and beard on and found that stapling was not the way to go, so we went glue hunting and used desperate measures ;-)
All in all, the video tutorial looked easier than reality at home. And honestly, who has all those crafts supplies “lying around the house” as they say? Clover buttons? Do you? We don’t, and also we didn’t purchase buttons, but stickers. And some were too large for the side of the hat, so we put them on the top.
So maybe you want to give it a try and make some leprechauns of your own? They sure look cute. We might put them on the dinner table on the 17th.

If not, you can always give the cake a try!!! Or those cute cookies:

PS: did you notice, we forwent the arms and feet. Enough is enough!

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