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Cindy Lou Who Hair

Last year Dr. Suess's birthday fell on a school day and the school let the kids pick their favorite character and dress up like them.  We picked Cindy Lou Who.   Even though if you could choose any character that is most like her it would be Fancy Nancy. She is fancy, an over accessorizor and just is nothing but girly.  So this is the hair do we did last year.

How did we do it?

Brown Pipe cleaners
Pony tails
Cut in half water bottle (Aqua fina)
Rubber bands(the kids kind)

Rope Braid.  (for the record this girl can seriously braid)
I am subscribed to her because she has SO many unique and cute hair styles that I can do for my daughter and she is easy to understand. 

I did all her little rope braids and attached the cut in half pipe cleaners to the hair closest to the scalp with a rubber band and braided(regular) into the pipe cleaner.  I then attached the pony tail at the end and mold my pipe cleaners into a heart shape.  I also did that with the ones that popped out to the sides.  The pipe cleaners turned out to be an awesome idea.  They can go all kinds of neat shapes.
I took the cut in half bottle and placed it above the crown part of my daughters head to give it room to fall throughout the day.  I  put a tight pony tail at the base to hold it there and wrapped the hair around it so none of the bottle was showing and then attached another pony tail at the top to old the cap section in place with the hair covering it all.  I tied the ribbons around many of the pony tail sections to make it all Cindy Lou Who to cover up the rubber bands.  I did not have any hair colored ones on if you try this then use hair toned or clear ones. : )  


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