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Get YOUR beHIND moving!

Yes, really.  Theme for this week in Slim by The Summer!

Obviously, it has to involve sweat, jumping around or lots of activity looking like a mad person(in my case) so why not enjoy it.  I really love to walk!  It used to be so much easier when my son weighed less and was content on being pushed in the stroller enjoying the view....not this year. He is like let me walk and then a few minutes later he is like oh I am so tired, can we go to the play ground now?  I will admit that I have bribed both of my kids with playground time....walk the track(1 mile) with mommy and then we will go to the playground. I end up walking circles around the play ground equipment to get a walk in.  It sucks!  Right now I am not walking because it is just way too difficult to get done with my kids.  I like to have a certain pace time and I just am unable to get it where I want it if I am not walking solo.

I have been wanting a Wii again for a long time.  We had one previously and my husbands want for a PS3 won and so that is what we traded the Wii for.  I was into the Wii Active thing at that time and it was SO fun.  I have went to numerous Zumba classes and it was fun but just unpleasant.  I am the one looking around making sure I am not fixing to run you over because I am going in the wrong direction.  Pretty embarrassing and I like to have my stuff together if I am going to be around other people that know what they are doing.  It takes me longer to learn stuff like that but when I get it..I dominate. 

How do you solve having poor coordination, not having a sitter AND learning how to dance while sweating your butt off....ZUMBA at home on the Wii!  It helps me because I have lower back problems and this targets the core and there is not laying on the hard floor staring at the ceiling while being bored.  Yes, my dear hubby traded his IPHONE for me to have a Wii.  He is really big into bartering right now.  He has literally had 3 phones in the last 2 months.  He is good at it and it keeps him occupied.   So, right now my favorite workout is Zumba Core Classes on the Wii.  I really love it.  I love it so much that I will actually admit when I am in bed at night I am hearing those bumpin' sounds in my head and my hip will jerk a bit...crazy.  Then I can be like I am only doing 1 class and by time I get to the end and I am like phew all done and I take off the belt and go to walk away and the songs are stuck in my head so I turn around and go back for more because I just have to dance it out.  That is normally not my thing...I am normally like I am done and that is it, but not with this.  That is what makes me know I love it.  Learning some sassy dance moves is always a winner.

 Thanks to the ladies that rock Zumba out on My Fitness Pal that inspired me to bug my hubby to get me a Wii and Zumba.  No lie---I did my measurements last Monday for the Diet Bet and I have lost 2 inches off my mid-section since then!  I have been doing Zumba almost every day.

Disco, Jazz, Brazilian Funk, African and more.

<3 <3 <3 the way these songs get my blood pumping.  I love a bunch of the songs though.  

 My other love is doing HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workouts on the stationary bike.  Going super fast for 1 minute and going a moderate pace for 30 seconds and super fast for 1 minute and just repeating.  You can do 2 min./1min. but I don't like it as much.  20 minutes is all that is needed and that is about all my back can take sitting on the bike.  I sweat SO much and my calorie burn is so high...I just am unable to do the one pace thing anymore. I would be set if I could do that on the elliptical.....that is A WHILE away before that happens.  Poor has been used like maybe 3 times since I got it last year.  Pretty pitiful.  My husband buys me all those things I HAVE to have and promise to use.  He knows more than likely I will use it a few times and get bored and push it to the side but he still gets it for me.  I am so guilty of this.  I am getting better at not doing that as much anymore. 

What do you like to do? 

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