Letter "A" Train Painting

The kids started painting outside and my son and I worked on Letter A for over a month and every time I would ask him what letter it was when shown and he said E every time.  I just left it alone for a while, because it was a tad frustrating.  Well, he says "Look Mom, Big A and Little A!"  I was super proud of him.  I suppose we can work on letter B now. : )

 Even though it was a big and little uppercase, I was happy.  He is getting so big.

Well, he just kept on painting and painting and somehow it turned into a train.  He actually painted it upside down.  I noticed it was a train while standing on the opposite side of him and I asked him where his other wheel for the train was.  

He did not even realize he painted a train.  Double win there. 

Here is little misses painting....photo bombing cat....he was slapping the paint brush with his paw.  Both kids were painting and giggling because they thought it was so funny. 

Don't you just love your kiddos creations? Do you have a photo bombing pet?


Janine Huldie said...

Loved this and how you are teaching your son letters. Very cute idea and I have Emma right now who at little less then 4 years old can write and recognize the letters in her name. So, yes I too am a proud momma!! :)

Raising Reagan said...

Such a cute idea!! I get the best projects from you!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Camille said...

He's a very good artist. :) My daughter loves painting volcanoes right now, lol. If I ask her if we can paint anything else, the answer is no!

Jessica Petersen said...

Aw! My son drew a recognizable train for the first time today...so much fun to see.

My cat was photobombing my photos earlier, too!


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