Sweet Victory

Sweet Victory from working out and leading a healthier lifestyle.


My favorite of all of the victories is how much healthier my skin is looking, my face has slimmed down and it actually looks like I have a jaw line, my back pain has reduced.....I AM LOVING my toned thighs and my lifted tush!  Oh, so is my husband.  It also sets a better example for my children to see their mom going for a healthier lifestyle and they are learning along the way, which will help them in the future.  My energy level is much higher.  I am reducing my risk of SO many health problems...diabetes mainly.  I had gestational diabetes and had to go on 2 types of insulin while being pregnant with my daughter AND it runs in my family so my risk level is high.    Oh, I can also say that before finding a better rhythm...actually a rhythm at all.  I started doing Zumba and I am so proud to have some kind of coordination going on.  I barely exercised before and I exercise a minimum of 5 times a week now. 

I have to say that the one thing that I am absolutely ecstatic about is that I have had a higher dedication commitment within this group than I have before.  It is always changing, there is tons of support and it is really keeping me accountable for my actions. That in itself is a HUGE victory for me, because I get bored and walk away and have so many times before.  I can admit that has always been my biggest problem in getting fit and sticking to it....BOREDOM!  Sweet victories of working out!  

What are some of your successful/sweet victories from working out?


Ashley said...

what a great quote!

Olga (Kid Approved) said...

Good for you! I have always been a fit person and then I gained 65 pounds each time I was pregnant. I have four children. I was able to lose it every time, but I know how difficult it could be, mainly sticking to it and not giving up! Good for you!

Raising Reagan said...

That is amazing Amy!!! I am so ecstatic that you have made so many positive changes!
The fact that you were pretty sedentary and are now exercising five times a week us awesome!
I am SO proud of you!!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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