30 Years Ago.....

I was born May 20, 1983 at 3 pounds and 3 ounces in Bay Saint Louis, MS.  I stayed in icu for a long time due to my being so premature and the technology was not even a quarter advanced as it is today.  
Here are a few photos of my mom and dad as well as a few other family members.  

Striped shirt is my maw maw from my moms side.  I look just like my dad if you can't tell.  :)  The lower photo is my Uncle Errol and Jennifer holding Shanika, my Aunt Rita all the way in the back, my mom up front holding me, my maw maw and my Peran(Godfather).

So the story is that my mom and Jennifer was pregnant at the same time and my dad called to say we were headed to the hospital because my mom was in labor and my Uncle Errol said that they were on their way to the hospital too because Jennifer was going into labor.   Needless to say Shanika was born first.  Pretty interesting little story.  I don't have any photos of my dad holding me; he died on May 28, 1983.  I thought I had ran across 1 of him holding me with all the tubes and such but I haven't seen it in years and my mom said that she hasn't seen it.   My mom tells me all the time that I was so small when I was a baby I actually could fit into baby doll clothes.  I love birthdays!  I love decorating the most for everyone else and baking.  Have a great day ya'll.


Heather Carter said...

Wow, you were a miracle baby! Happy 30th Birthday Amy! Have a blessed day and an exceptional year.


Leslie Germain said...

Happy 30th Birthday. Enjoy your thirties - I have so far. Love your pictures.

Leslie Block said...

Happy Happy Birthday from the Blockhouse gang!! You are truly a blessing to all Amy, we love you!!


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