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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!  So today is my birthday and 20's is in my rear view mirror.  Some great years!  Recovered from a Hurricane and rebuilt our lives, rode on an airplane for the 1st and probably only time, married my husband, had Kaylei, had Gerry, I ran my first 5k, my husband got his own truck and is a lead driver now...those are a few of the highlights.   My 20's was full of adventure with best times and worst times and I appreciate them all.  When I was 24 and fixing to turn 25, I got all down because I felt like I was going over the hill; I know I am nuts.  I felt like after 25 then that made me that much closer to my 30's so I mine as well say I am old.  Bring on the wrinkles.....NOT!    I don't feel old at all and I love my age...right now.   Luckily, I have have lots of gracefully aging genes on my mothers and fathers side.(SO RANDOM)  They say that women experience the best years of their life in their 40's. I will cross that bridge when I get to it.  As for my 30's I am excited and ready for this next little decade chapter in my life.  I hope for many things in the next 10 years.  You know until I get the the best years. ;)

Birthdays in our house!   3 right behind each other.
Me- May 
Son- June
Daughter- July 
Hubby- November

A few years into our relationship we started a tradition with trying to beat each other in making the best cake for one another for our birthdays each year.  I am not really a competitive person....most of the time.  My husband on the other hand lives for being the best!  He has come to understand the importance of birthdays to me over the years.  When we first met he could care less about a birthday.

He slacked last year and bought me a dessert and a little mini already made cake.  He cheated and I won by default last year!  I love him dearly and love it all regardless of how it comes to me because it is the thought that counts after all.

I am excited to see what he is making me today.  :)  I will let you know tomorrow.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by today.
I have a more personal birthday like post shortly.

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