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Make a "Find It" Bottle

What I used:
I heated water in the tea pot and whisked it in with the glitter glue.  It was a process on finding out what worked best.  I ended up pouring out and adding a few times.   The only other thing that I used was the tacky glue.  It created that pretty swirl look.  The pink/purple/blue turned out more swirled than the green/green/blue one.  They were both pretty.  Pour your mixture into the bottle with a funnel and shake until it looks how you want it then add the rest of the water.

The first picture is what it looked like after doing 1/2 tube of each one of the above stated color. The little 1 oz glitter in the above picture is what turned the water pink.   Don't forget to add a nice squeeze of the tacky glue.  I am really an eyeball it type just go with what you think works and if it doesn't then play with the mixture.    We bought some WAT-AAH bottle from the grocery store for $1 and I loved the picture of the little screaming kid.   Once they see the little kid after the glitter starts to settle it makes them giggle. 

This was the time table for the bottle.  Since I have a almost 5 year old and a almost 8 year old  we decided to add objects in the bottles.  I did not originally want a time out bottle but wanted to make it because they were pretty.  Everyone has different choices on parenting and disciplining and we go with whatever the situation deserves for.  

Find it bottle for Kaylei with buttons, charms, little toys, hearts, beads and other things.  Gerry's is stars, abc beads and other colored beads more for a learning thing.   I really like the 2nd option though.  They like looking at it and I didn't glue the lids because when they look at it and are done, I pick them back up.

So what do you think?   Have you made these? 

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