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Such A Slacker

Guys, I just have to tell you about a few things going on lately.  I feel guilty when I don't blog on my normal days....mostly M-Fri.  Do you ever feel like you are being a slacker when you get behind on posting? I do. 
The thing is with this time I have so much stuff happening, BUT I have literally 70 posts in draft mode.  Some are finished and ready to go and others need to be finished.    My husbands mother had a heart attack the day before Mothers Day....she had a few stints put in and she is doing fine.   That same day our sister in law got home from the hospital from having her 2nd gastric bypass surgery(right after she had the 1st one and had complications).  She has 2 tubes in her belly with the little hospital pole right now but she will be fine.  We have been in and out the hospital lately.   My bathroom tub area is being redone currently.  We are going to be in the city wide yard sale this Saturday and have been getting the TONS of stuff together for that.   I AM SO HAPPY beyond words that I can get rid of all of the things I have been holding on to all year.  Whatever does not get sold is getting donated.  Oh, my husbands job told him he had to use his vacation time for the rest of this week because he had so much accumulated he is at the point where he can't get anymore.   He has been home this week and it really puts a damper on my blogging time.  I love him being home though, so no complaints.   My birthday is Monday and my anniversary is next week. My sons 5th birthday is the following I am trying to get many things set up and rolling right now.

I wanted to let ya'll know about a few of the things I have planned and will be posting! 

Carnival Themed Decorations
Baby Sprinkle Party 
Diaper Cakes
Different birthday party cakes and such over the years
Bicycle Cake
An entire series of Pottery Barn Knockoffs- This is super fun considering my husband works for them!
10 things you can make at home with the kids for fun
Trips we have went on
DIY home cleaning recipes
Weed Killer
Wonder Bottle
Hamburger meat tips and tricks
Fruit savers
Meals that stretch
Meal planning
Chore charts for the kids
A school year full of kid lunch options
Healthy meals

That is just a few.....stay tuned!

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