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Diy Kitchen Chalkboard Door

The new trend seems to be chalkboard everything, and that is understandably so. I love chalkboard stuff. I even loved the chalkboard when I was in 4th grade. It was the oldest building in our school and had not be changed. It was actually the school building when my mom went to school and the school grew around it. That was a flashback moment there. We used to dust the erasers as a The things kids do to get out of class. I am in love with the chalkboard fridge and everything else on that little show...Good Luck Charlie. I know this because often times I end up watching more cartoons and kid shows than adult shows. Some of them are actually pretty entertaining.
Now, on to our project: DIY Chalkboard Door

Have you ever bought that really expensive chalkboard paint from the store and ran out before your project was done? I have and I just did not have the extra cash to splurge on another bottle, so I turned to what I had available to me. After the black chalkboard paint was purchased and ran dry I used black acrylic paint. If you look at the bottle you will clearly see that the black acrylic craft paint was the exact same thing so when I ran out of  chalkboard paint I painted the rest with the alternative.  Not to mention its half the cost and works exactly the same.  The kids love it and I think it looks pretty darn good.

DIY Chalk Board Door for the kids...Creation by Amy Perdew 
My Painted Kitchen Door
DIY Chalk Board Door for the kids...Creation by Amy Perdew
The Girls Drawing Away
 Excuse the blue paint tape, we were prepping to paint the kitchen.
DIY Chalk Board Door for the kids...Creation by Amy Perdew
Completed Masterpiece
The only downfall I would say to this project is the huge pile of chalk dust at the bottom of the door. I love the way it looks and how much the kids like to draw on it. Chalkboard paint is pretty awesome and I plan on doing lots of projects with chalkboard paint in the future, so stayed tuned. Have you made anything with chalkboard paint? How did you like it?

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