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Mason Jar Drinking Goblets

As I walked around the mall one day, I happen to run across "Redneck Drinking Goblets" and it instantly inspired me. I just knew this would be my next project. I was surprised that they were selling goblets like this for $15 each. I felt ripped off just looking at them. I would not claim to be a 'redneck' for the reason I wanted to make these, but to have a cute little glass to celebrate any kind of simple celebratory occasion.

My favorite thing about these glasses are that they actually have lids. The glass of mason jars are extra durable, so if they get knocked over the glass is fine...unless it is up high (even then, I am not sure it would break). They are perfect for sitting outside with and taking a sip knowing there are NO BUGS in  I picked the blue and green gems for the center in the color scheme my husband and I picked for our wedding. They are really easy to make and pretty, in my opinion. 

There were no instructions that I could find, but I knew I could figure it out.

Mason Jar Drinking Goblets: 

o Clean and dry your mason jars.
o Sand down the top edges of the candlestick and wiped it clean.
o Sand down the bottom of the Mason jar where your candlestick will be attached.
-Place the glass gems in or other keepsake or trinket that fits inside.

-Follow the instructions on the Epoxy to make sure you can use your product as advised.
o Place epoxy around the edges and positioned my Mason Jar and let dry for 24 hours. 

You are able to wash and use them until your hearts content. Super simple and they turned out  beautiful.
What kind of products have you ran across in the store and just knew you had to make. Have a fantastic day!

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