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Kids Rainbow Activity

We Learned about reflection and refraction as well as why Rainbows exist. 
A book about that:


Sally and Nick want to paint rainbows, but they don't know what colors to use, or what order to put the colors. And where do rainbows come from, anyway? The Cat in the Hat is not quite sure himself, but he knows someone who will know—King Kaleidoscope, ruler of Colorgalore! So it's off to visit the King in this funny, fact-packed book based on an episode of the PBS Kids show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! featuring 3-D artwork on every page—and a pair of 3-D glasses!
Making Construction Paper Rainbows
Rainbow 1 with a hugging sun
Rainbow with a bowl of gold
Rainbow with a bowl of cereal

We had a lot of making rainbows and learning all about them. Arts, crafts and doesn't get better than that. All of their pictures turned out great and reflected each of their artistic imaginations. 

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