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Make a Sandman and a Genie in a Bottle
Sand Art Genie in the Bottle
Print a Genie out onto poster sheeting, cut to a square and roll up to fit through the top of a bottle. We put too much sand because we were trying to make some sand art at the bottom.  After he is inserted do a twisting motion in the center of the paper until your genie is unrolled. 
Genie in the Bottle

 Aladdin- You've Never Had a Friend like Me by GENIE

Sandman Story & Activity


Where did that little piece of sand in the corner of your eye come from? That’s easy—the Sandman.

It all started a long time ago when a tiny man named Tor discovered that a dragon’s scale held magical powers. Ground dragon scales make magic sand that Tor sprinkles in the eyes of children to help them fall asleep. But how does he get the scales to make the special sand? He has to venture into the lair of a dragon, and that’s no easy feat!

This imaginative telling of the legend of the Sandman combined with fantastical, illuminating pictures will be enjoyed by the whole family.

**This is such a cute little story.
The Kids Sandman Salt Sand Art Pictures
We put our glue down and sprinkled colored sand(salt) on to each section before moving to the next. 

We made these for a library activity and the salt sand was made by putting salt into a baggie and dropping food coloring in and blending it back and forth. Pretty Neat!

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