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Make your own Goop or Slime

What is ooey, gooey and lots of fun? Goop and slime are at the top of that list. The only thing about the store kind is that you really do not know what is in it and you never get very much for you money. This was an interesting activity for us to undertake. It was fun to make and of course...I followed instructions from the science guy Steve Spangler's site. After following the instructions for his slime recipe, I came up with a few different scenarios while making the slime. Keep reading to find out what we came up with.

Supplies you will need:
Clear glitter glue
mixing containers and measuring spoons

Instructions for Goop OR Slime:
Mix 1 tsp- 20 mule Borax with 1 cup water in one container.
Mix 1 container glue with 1/2 cup water in another container. Drop in food coloring of choice.

Pour glue into water.

Here are your 2 solutions.  Glue/water mix and Borax/water mix.

Pour the glue solution into the water solution.

Here is what they look like as soon as it is poured in. You can see the instant thickening reaction without even touching it.

Note: For translucent glue use clear glue.
          For solid glue use white glue.

Review: Now that I have redone this project 3 times I have come to the conclusion that the tutorial I saw online had to have omitted a few instructions. The Steve Spangler one I spoke of at the top of the post.

**If you're like me and think the water in there must be blended or else why is it there. There is not a loss with this project you get 1 of 2 results and the kids will have fun with both.

1.If you do the pulling up motion go ahead and remove from the container while in Slime state.

2. If you keep trying to blend it will turn into more of a solid solution-Getting BOB Goop.

*Pour out the remaining water(remaining water will absorb if left in and works just the same in the Goop solution). You can store in a air tight container or you can put in a zip lock bag.

1st Attempt: Clear glue with a tad of green glitter glue.
2nd Attempt: Green Glitter Glue
3rd Attempt: White Glue with 1 drop blue and 1 drop of red food coloring.

 Results may vary, depending on which one you choose and how much you mix it. Either way you will come up with something to play with. Our lasted through a few play sessions and then they became pretty gross with dirt or other things from the kids dropping it and being adventurous with it. Have you made any? How did it turn out? We hope you have as much fun as we had with our goop and slime!

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