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You Challenge- 8 of my Fears

Here are 8 things I fear:

1. I do not fear the animal just being bitten by it.  This includes snakes, spiders, & anything else that bites big!

 Sorry if it scared you. It scared me at first to but then I saw it was a cake and it was funny.  Phew!

2. I am not afraid of heights, however, I fear the risk of falling and the ground catching me.

3.  I fear losing my husband or children; or me going first & them being in pain.  Losing my mom or other immediate family before I get a chance to move back to Mississippi & spend "LIFE" with them.  Even though I know its moving on to eternal life & its not a bad thing.  It should be a happy moment, but I have to admit even the thought hurts my heart.  *I have a fear of abandonment.

4.  I fear losing function in my body that will immobilize me.

5.  I am extremely Claustrophobic; which adds to the fear of being suffocated or drowning. I can not breath if anything is too close to my face and I freak out.

6.  I fear getting wrinkles and losing all my teeth.    * I don't mind getting older and wiser; just the wrinkles part gets me. My grandmother is in her 80's and has very few if hardly any on her face, so hopefully I will be lucky and take after the good genes.  
* I often have dreams all my teeth are falling out at the same time while I am awake and it just terrifies me.  I am not really sure what to call this fear.

7.  I fear someone breaking into the house at night time and even though I am prepared(I THINK).
 I am so paranoid that I will choke up and my family will be harmed because I couldn't protect them. I have problems sleeping at night because every little thing that happens I am up walking around the house checking to make sure all is good.  My husband is gone a few nights of the week, so I am here by myself with 2 little ones a pretty good bit of time.

* I am always afraid my children will get kidnapped so I am that paranoid mom that makes my kids always stay within an arm length of me just incase.  Better safe than sorry.

8. I guess you could say I have a fear of escalators.

*I do the pause, feet dance, pause, feet dance and jump on quickly move.  Not really sure why other than I saw a movie when I was younger where some kids were on an escalator and one of them fell while wearing pearl beads & they went into the side of the escalator.  She was choked her to death because she couldn't get them off.  Ahh! I know.

So now you know everything that scares the crap out of me. What are some things that scare you?

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