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My husband is a chocolate Gifter

I have the sweetest husband in the world!  This week he has done so many loving things for me.  He was working hard & happened to have a stop in the Raleigh N.C. mall & he knows how much I LOVE Godiva chocolate so he picked me some up. Just in case you have not ran across these and love chocolate, you have to try these. Did you know that you get a $10 discount on the month of your birthday and each month you get a free piece of chocolate? Information worth knowing.

Godiva Chocolate dipped Macroon- My absolute FAVORITE!

Godiva Chocolate covered Pecan Cluster


A tin of various chocolate gems: caramel, chocolate, & a few variety flavors. They have different flavors for the different seasons and the best part is the price is set, but you can put as many chocolate in the can...that will fit with the lid on...and that is what you get. Fantastic, right!

Since my hubby packs his truck before he goes out and letting a packer pack little chocolates would be a crime if you saw how many he can fit in a can without damaging one piece. He always manages to render the cashier speechless when they see this. 

One more thing about my hubby, is that he really has a way with words and can trade anything with anyone; normally it is something electronical. His company did a giveaway for the casserole dish below (his partner won it) and about a month prior, I bought a Kindle from a fellow mom for like $30. I hadn't used it at all, so he ended up trading the Kindle for the casserole dish for a beautiful Williams Sonoma Dish from Le Creuset that was made in France!

Sugg. Price: $180.00 $280.00
From Le Creuset and its lineup of bright, enameled cast iron pieces comes this 8 x 12-in. roasting pan.  The roasting pan is made of beautiful, enameled cast iron and is conveniently dishwasher-safe.

It is absolutely crazy to me that anyone would actually pay that much for just one little baking dish, but I can't wait to bake something in it!

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