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My daughters All About Me school Project

All About Kaylei

This is our 1st at home school project! So here is a few things about Kaylei!

She traced her foot and her hand!
She loves dressing up.
She LOVES to sing and dance.
She loves to create her own designs with her plastic stencil outfit designer!

Born On July 26, 2005 in Gulfport, Mississippi

When I grow up I plan to: be a jewelry Designer

If I could wish for anything it would be to be a real princess.

Favorite colors: Purple and Pink

Favorite School Subjects: Science, Reading and Art
Favorite Seasons: Spring & Fall
Favorite Holidays: Easter & CHRISTmas.
Favorite Pizza: Spinach

These are a few things she picked to bring as her favorite things.  Being she is 7, her favorite things change often.
 Bag Contents:
A little cat with real feeling fur 
A bracelet she made
 A compass she got in her goody back for her birthday
A beaded flower ring
A nickel
A football bag with a bow
And Trinocalers- : ) her own creation decorated with a Lala Loopsy she designed an outfit for all wrapped with a strand of plastic from a pom pom with a few beads.

It was a fun project to do together.  Have you done any at home school projects yet?

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