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Confessional Friday...I Confess

 for the week!

1. I confess, I have absolutely loved the almost Fall like weather for the last few days.

2. I confess,  I have had way too many Java Monsters and 20 oz Pepsi's this week. (bottled Pepsi's taste the best)

3. I confess, I love surrounding myself with a gazillion pillows at night time--when hubby is out of town for work.

4. I confess, I am loving the new apple slicer/decore tool I bought this week.

5. I confess, I am obssessed with taking pictures of Chick-fil-A Cow signs, but I don't like anything there expect the Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  I have spent almost 4 years trying to snap pictures of the many Chick-fil-A signs in Atlanta, Ga on our trip to MS each year....I almost have them all.

6. I confess, I am in love with spot the difference pictures.

7. I confess, I am crazy in love with my husband and I love his sweetness and how he makes me laugh.

8.  I confess, I can not leave the house without putting on mascara or eyeliner and I love lipgloss.

9. I confess, I worry way to much.

Credit: A Blonde Ambition 

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