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Mosquito Facts and Tips

I am ALWAYS getting eaten up by Mosquitoes and when I saw the latest death in Texas last week it kind of made me worry just that much more about the possibility. 

Texas is battling an outbreak of West Nile virus, with 17 deaths being blamed on the mosquito-borne disease. 

What is West Nile virus (WNV)??

It is one of the Japanese encephalitis (JE) antigenic serocomplex of viruses, in the family Flaviviridae. It is found in both temperate and tropical regions, having been first identified in the West Nile sub-region in the East African nation of Uganda in 1937.
WNV mainly infects birds, but is known to infect humans, horses, dogs, cats, bats, chipmunks, skunks, squirrels, domestic rabbits, crocodiles[1] and alligators.[2]

The main route of human infection is through the bite of an infected mosquito. Approximately 80 percent of West Nile virus infections in humans are without any symptoms.[3] 

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There really are many things that are said to prevent mosquito bites and I ran across this information today and I am going to try a few of them and let you know how it went.

The first line of defense against mosquitoes is to seal their point of entry.
Mosquitoes are most active in the early morning and early evening. They seek
 areas of still air because they are hampered by breezes. Close windows and
doors on the side of your house which are opposite the breeze.


The most important measure you can take is to remove standing water sources. Change birdbaths,  wading pools and pet's water bowl twice a week. Keep your leaves-troughs clean and well-draining.  Remove yard items that collect water.

Campers often report that the very best mosquito repellent is Herbal Armor, a nontoxic DEET-free repellent which is also recommended by National Geographic.
HERBAL ARMOUR Herbal Armor Outdoor Protection Insect Repellent Pump Spray offers a safe and
effective time released insect repellent containing five essential oils in a pleasant smelling, non greasy
 formula without petrochemicals in a convenient spray pump.

Want more information on other natural repellents?

 Check out

You will find:
*What Makes a Natural Insect Repellent Work?
*A little comparison chart of what brand has what oils
*One More Thing: Does it Stain?

If you're using the barbeque, throw a bit of sage or rosemary on the coals to repel mosquitoes.

Fresh Sage
Dried Sage

Fresh Rosemary

Natural bug repellent, mix one part garlic juice with 5 parts water in a small spray bottleShake well before using. Spray lightly on exposed body parts for an effective repellent lasting  up t 5 - 6 hours. Strips of cotton cloth can also be dipped in this mixture and hung in areas, such as patios, as a localized deterrent.

  • Peel a head of garlic, or more if you want to make a large amount of garlic juice at once.
  • 2 Process the garlic cloves in a food processor  or blender until pureed. In the absence of a food

  •       processor, you can crush with a garlic press, over a small bowl.

    Neem oil is a natural vegetable oil extracted from the Neem tree in India. The leaves, seeds and seed oil of the Neem tree contain sallanin, a compound which has effective mosquito repelling properties. Neem oil is  a natural product and is safe to use.

    Planting marigolds around your yard works as a natural bug repellent because the flowers give off a  fragrance bugs and flying insects do not like.

    Marigolds are robust plants that bring a lot of bright color to your garden. They are
    rather easy to grow, enjoy sunny locations, and make great garden-mates for vegetables
    - as their musky, pungent scent can help reduce meddlesome insect infestations.
    They come in assorted colors, including commonly yellow, orange, orange-and-maroon,
    and white.

    Here are four more of the most effective mosquito repelling plants which
    are easy to grow in most regions of the US:

    1. Citronella
    2. Horse mint
    3. Ageratum
    4.  Catnip

    ~~~To find out more about these plants just click the above link.

    **I have also heard that putting a Bounce Dryer in your back pocket works, B1, B6 and spraying
    peppermint oil mix works as well.

    Like I said previously...Mosquitoes LOVE me for some reason. 
    Keep in mind that just because it works for one person doesn't mean it
    will work on everyone.  : ) 

    I wish you luck on your Mosquito repelling.

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