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You Challenge- Nine Loves

I wouldn't miss linking up for week 2 of the challenge via Austin Family Diary.
So here is my 9!

1.  I LOVE GOD and praying!  

2. I LOVE my family and everything about them from the bottom of my heart!

*~My husband means the world to me and my kids, well that's a feeling that can not be received from anything else. The feeling of being loved back is so beautiful.

*~ They are so creative, funny and just precious; I love learning from them.  I am lucky to have been blessed to have them, they are my life.  I love spending time with them and they make my life worth while.  They give me the greatest laughs and that is just perfect because who doesn't love great humor.

3. I LOVE Fall weather! From the comfortable cool breeze and the leaves turning the beautiful shades they do each year.  Also, the best part is when the leave have all fallen we get to play in them.

4. I LOVE sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand inhaling that intoxicating salty water smell the breeze blows and getting that warm tingly feeling the sun gives me.

*~ It is by far the most enjoyable and relaxing feeling I have ever felt. It makes me feel at peace and the best part is that it doesn't cost anything.

5. I LOVE and appreciate the beauty of many kinds of Arts!

*~Whether they are made, bought or are just there.  This includes portraits, statues, crafts, taking beautiful photos, and reading beautiful words.

*~I LOVE music,  It makes my insides happy and it doesn't know me but I feel like it does and the perfect words are spoken. There is a song for everything.  They all give me such joy.

6. I LOVE finding great deals and saving money.

7. I LOVE old stuff! 

*~From watching old movies like the black and white Bewitched, I Love Lucy, All in the Family, Gone with the Wind....etc. 

*~This ties in with great love of Vintage and Classic looks. I love stories of Kings and Queen history as well.

8. I LOVE making and eating delicious food(especially good southern soul food).  I like making them my own and I can say I never make something the same way twice because I can't help but to change them up. 

9. I love certain smells like:  Fresh brewed coffee, Black Cherry, Apples and Cinnamon, Fresh cut wood, Eucalyptus, Victoria Secret lotions, Malia from Hollister, Georgio Armani-Acqua Di Gio, fresh cucumbers, fresh lemons, Sweet Pea lotion from B&B, Lavender and Vanilla Febreeze air freshener, Rubbing Alcohol and Lysol(I know these are a little strange), White Tea and Lily air freshener, and the smell of Gain laundry detergent.

I love so many things...9 isn't long enough...LOL.  These are my top loves out of the many I have.

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