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Handprint Birdies!

Little hands have so much talent and they are the BEST of loving keepsakes!  Just a reminder of how small they once were and are. One day I will miss those messy little hands and dripping paint. Small hands make the best art. We made the cutest little birdie hands recently and we just had to add some googly eyes. We made 3 little hands...the kids picked their own colors and we got to work.

 We used:
* Cardstock Paper
* Washable Kids Tempera Paint
* Googly Eyes (the ones that have sticky backs)
* Orange Marker
* Black Ink Pen

If you want your birdie to fly to the right then use their LEFT hand and if you want it to fly to the left use their RIGHT hand. Don't do it too thick or it will take forever to dry and it doesn't have as good as effect visually if it had less paint. This was our first try so some parts the paint was a little too thick. 

Once their hands were all painted and stamped on the cardstock, we let them dry and attached the googly eyes. I drew the beak and little feet on with the orange marker and drew the mouth mark with my black ink pen. A mommy moment to remember for sure. What kind of handprint art is your favorite?

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