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Move It Metabolism!

Sometimes I think my metabolism is non existent!  I always have plans to continue a healthier lifestyle and not do diets even though I can exercise daily and eat well but only a little comes off.  Do you have this problem??  I could probably write a book on all the things that I have read about the rights and wrongs of getting healthier.  To me being healthy is not just being thin,  it is feeling and looking healthy in the result of giving your body the nutrients and minerals it requires to live.  Actually sticking to and having a healthy lifestyle each and every day without other things interferring, thats a different story.
 I am determined to have a healthy lifestyle for not only myself but my family and to set a better example as a parent.  I am starting up this Move It Metabolism section as well as a few other to keep track of different interesting health and wellness tips I have ran across.  If it helps out even ONE other person in need, well thats better than I could have even imagined as a result.

I grew up having 3 meals a day almost always having the "FOOD PYRAMID" incorporated. We really didn't do "PLANNED" snacks or anything.  Having 3 meals is of course different than the 3 small meals with small snacks in between.  I understand this is the best way to keep my metabolism going, but it makes me feel like I am eating all day long.   In actuality I eat throughout the day but I don't pay attention to the times and I may end up eating all day anyway, it is just mindlessly.

While I am eating "All Day" then I mine as well pay attention more...right?!   I am going to make sure to pick up some of these  METABOLISM BOOSTERS   on my next shopping trip!

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