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Make ABC Window Clings

                        Window clings are really great for all kinds of things. Our favorite clings are the educational ones and the holiday ones are pretty neat too. Instead of buying them, I decided to try my cling making skills. I had never made clings before, but I had high hopes and the outcome looked pretty creative.
DIY Car Window Clings for traveling kids...Creation by Amy Perdew
ABC Window Clings
I have been having liquid lead in hopes of creating something for at least 3 months now and I finally had my chance. This was my very 1st time using it for a big project and I decided ABC's would give me the best practice. If you have ever used liquid lead you know that you have to try to be as steady as possible, as well as you need to hold the bottle about 1/4 inch above the designs and just go. The hardest part is making it do what you want it to do.
DIY Car Window Clings...Creation by Amy Perdew
Simulated liquid lead- 2 fl oz. for easier handling
*  Gallery Glass Window Color Crystal Clear- 2 fl oz.
Wooden skewer with one flat side and one pointy side
Any kind of paint
Gallery Glass Plastic Sheet
* You can use an outline of anything to trace as a design.

Optional Supply: Any kind of Glitter Glue- I put Crystal Clear on a star and once dry I spread a layer of Glitter GLue and let it dry. I used what I had on hand instead of going out for more supplies.

DIY Car Window Clings...Creation by Amy Perdew
Wet ABC Clings
1. Trace out your chosen design with liquid lead on the flat side of blank. Let sit for a few hours until set.
2. Fill the letters with Crystal Clear, then put a drop of whatever color in different spots and use the flat part of the skewer to blend out evenly to lead lines. You can play around with different colors and blends.

NOTE: Make sure the paint is touching all of the liquid lead outline and that there are no bubbles. Use the pointy side of the skewer to pop bubbles. You can tap the underside of the sheet to make air bubbles rise.

3. Let dry.
DIY Car Window Clings for traveling kids..Creation by Amy Perdew
Carefully review every cling to make sure there are no open spots to prevent tears.  If there are holes anywhere(Do not pull up) go ahead and apply a coat of Crystal Clear on top of it and let it dry.  It will work just fine.
DIY Car Window Clings for traveling kids...Creation by Amy Perdew

Unsuccessful supply: Stained glass paint purchased from Walmart. I applied it by itself on a few letters and it caused cracking and a unstable letter.  I applied a coat of Crystal Clear to fix it.  I would say blend it in all together next time around.

If you try it out let me know how it goes!

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