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End of Summer Sponge Activities

Summer will be ending soon & Fall just can't get here fast enough.  I can't wait for that cool, crisp air. However, we are in Summer and the weather is still warm and I have to say, sponges are so fun. I never realized that sponges can be used for SO many things.  I saw a craft with sponge balls that I pinned to pinterest over the summer with hopes of making some(pre-blogger days).   I happened to remember the craft while on a trip to the store to get more sponges just for this craft.

I always buy sponges with the scrubbies on the side from the Dollar Store or Family Dollar.  However, this time I ended up at Wally world and the specific sponges the craft called for was $4 for just a few of them, so I passed. I am all in for thrifty shopping and I am always in the mind frame "More for your money." That isn't always the best saying for everything, but in this particular craft yes.  I did stop by Dollar Tree that happened to be across the parking lot and grabbed me some good ole $1 sponges. The craft for the sponges I saw was for water play. I really went outside the box. When I started creating, I just couldn't stop and the ideas just kept coming.

Who doesn't love crafts for 1 dollar!

So lets see how many things we can find to do with sponges!

Before I cut them my 4 year old had some motor skill stacking fun.

I sneaked in some learning while they were having fun.  Hehehe!

We had LOTS of fun once we put them together too!
I had a few uneven parts of the sponge balls so I just snipped the ends off.  I should have used sharper scissors.  The kids had fun throwing the little pieces at each other.  My creative juices was flowing pretty good after all of these activities, so I came up with this DIY paint brush. I grabbed my glue gun and glued the square to the end of a almost dried out marker. Ta Da!

I had my 4 year old test out the durability of our new paint brush. He is VERY particular on details in his art work, he always has been. You will not find a white spot in any of his coloring pictures. We went with green paint because it is his favorite color other than brown.

 The sponge held up so I rinsed the paint out & it found a home in the paint bin.

His Masterpiece!

We did find a few more activities with our new sponge balls:
1. The kids had some bath time fun with them.
2. Toy car washing outside.
3. Tossing them at each other when all the washing is done.
4. Washing dishes(haven't done this one yet because I love the ones with the scrubbies on the other side).

Its always fun to get so many uses out of something that was practically free.  Happy crafting!

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