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Repurposed Wine Jug Light

I love the glow of holiday lights and the way the warm and brighten the room at the same time. I have to admit, I am kind of obsessed with creating thing with glass bottles. I want to repurpose them into something great. I have wanted to try the bottle lights for a long time now, ever since visiting a local International festival booth that had a few decorated glass bottles. I took a while for me to figure out what I needed exactly, but my husband was determined to get me what I needed. He actually found the perfect sized drill bit and was the muscles behind this project. This particular repurposed bottle was my very first project with drilling holes through glass.

1 Large Glass Wine Jug
Strand of around 30 lights
Plaid remarkable repositional plastic Reading related clings
Glow in the Dark Paint
Matte Medium
7/16- inch drill bit

My husband actually found 6 big glass wine jugs set out for the recycling truck outside someones home and bought them home to me. (love that man)
* So I began by washing it out and letting it dry. 
*The glass was thick so my husband helped me drilled the hole to feed the lights through.
*Then I did a few coats of Matte Medium on the frosty looking spots on the bottle. 
*I put glow in the dark paint under each repositional cling and let them dry. 
*I could only find the burnt color lights so I went with that color. 

It took a day or 2 for the whole process. 

I have quite a bit of glass bottles that I plan on doing projects with so stay tuned for those projects in the future.  I hope you enjoyed this craft.

Happy Crafting.

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