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Building Paper Monsters

So I was in a hurry yesterday on the way back home from Walmart & really didn't want to do more dishes, so the kids & I ran into Taco Bell.  The kids ended up getting something called MONSTER CRAFT in their little meal.  We get home & I am getting the sheets out so we could start going through and building the monsters & guess what ended up happening?   The how to's was not for a 4 and 7 year old I promise.  It took me AT LEAST 30 minutes just to build one of them.  I was laughing at myself & thinking how pitiful it was to have taken that long.  

I ended up taking the extra step of taping every piece in the inside and as many as I could on the outside.  I just knew in 5 minutes my 30 minutes of putting it together would be played to pieces.  I was wrong it took at least an hour for the arms to come out.  The kids then took extra care of them & put them in their own little beds to sleep for the night because they like them so much. They even gave them names. They played nice with each other and not one disagreement happened.  Makes me happy that they have such wonderful little hearts & imaginations.

Each pack came with 1 of each monster.  Those are all the pieces that fold into one another on each sheet behind the monsters.

They both have names, but I don't recall what they are right now. I will have to update that later.
They are just to stinkin' cute!

Have you ever gotten a project & thought your kids would be doing it but instead you ended up doing it?? 

~*Fun mom times : ) *~

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